ARC Review of : First Love, Take Two by Sajni Patel

This review is my own honest opinion. Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


On the verge of realizing her dream of being a doctor, Preeti Patel should be ecstatic. But between the stress of her residency, trying to find a job, and managing her traditional, no-boundaries family, Preeti’s anxiety is through the roof. Relationships and love aren’t even an option. Fortunately, Preeti’s finally found a new place to stay….only to discover that her new roomate is her ex.

Preeti never quite got over Daniel Thompson. Super-hot, plenty of swagger, amazing cook – the guys is practically perfect. And if it weren’t for their families, there might have been a happily ever after. But it’s hard to keep her sanity and her libido in check when the man of her dreams is sleeping mere feet away. Can Preeti and Daniel find a way and stand up for each other one last time…before they lose their second chance?


FLTT is one of the best romances I’ve ever read. Preeti is a stress person (and I’m also stress so it’s quite relatable) but she always tried her best to be the better version for herself and the person she cared about. Daniel is also a dream boyfriend. They’re actually perfect for each other, the only problem is their families.

I love how the author write this book perfectly. Lighthearted, swoon-worthy, everything! I loved how the characters in the book felt real, the chemistry isn’t forced, the story line is intriguing. Second-chance romances are usually my least favorite trope, but FLTT changed that! I am happy to say that I loved this First Love, Take Two more than The Trouble With Hating You (the first book in the series).

Though I love this book, I dislike one thing : YUVAN. That’s it. If you read this book, you know what I mean.

All in all, this is a great romance read! If you love : second-chance trope and romance books with real chemistry and witty-banter, you should pick First Love, Take Two as your next romance read!

Rating : 4.5 stars

This book will be published on : 21st September 2021. When the date arrives, go to your bookstores or libraries and read this book/listen to the audiobook!

You could also check my review of this one in my Bookstagram account : @abookishparadise.

If you read the first book and the second book, which one is your favorite? Would you add this book to your TBR? You could leave a reply/a comment below!

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